Speaking classes at Int'l Albanian Language Course

In the past, studying could be a stressful and low-rewarding task, difficult and many times frustrating. Especially learners of Albanian–faced with the richness of vocabulary.

Today, the time of careful effectively writing index with recently discovered words and trying to remember them before going to sleep is gladly over, and there are many and much different opportunities to learn Albanian efficiently and with no obvious effort. International Albanian Language Course offers “Speaking Classes,” a very flexible way of exercising Albanian in a personal atmosphere. The private one to one program comprises on discussing hours with a native tutor on regular basis. Similar to a friendly discussion, but with the corrections and improvements that Albanian classes provide, it enhances substantially the student’s oral skills without the hardness of rigidity in a classroom.

This preferred program is especially designed for those learners who have a restricted period of time to spend to their Albanian: with one session of sixty minutes each week, they can quickly advance in their studying. Moreover, the program is customizable: learners can select the instructor, day and duration of the category themselves through an on the internet arranging program – and reschedule their classes if necessary. For those who have a longer time available, each on the internet course has a partner discussing course that can be taken at the same time, thereby mixing written and the oral skills to increase the opportunities of success. As learners review, the speaking classes motivate them to be trustworthy to their on line lesson, enhance their pronunciation, and develop them real speakers of the Albanian language much quicker, because they use it more often. Who said that studying Albanian should not be fun? Come and speak with us.


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